Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Edi's Memories

Today at 12:39pmSo great to be back in contact with you! I think often of you all and your parents. Mom gave me a "memoirs" book that she filled out for me--a book that asks specific questions about her life from childhood to now. Of course, she has lots of stories about Bett in there! You probably know that they had their own little "soap opera" going between your parents and mine! Daddy liked Mom but was too shy to approach her so he started hanging with Bett to get to Mom. Bett, in the meantime, liked Louis who was Daddy's friend. So she hung out with Daddy only to get to Louis! Daddy and Bett went out on one date and Bett came home and told Mama, "You can have Russ--his ears are too red."!! (Mom said that since Daddy worked outdoors, he was always conscious about not having that "outdoorsy" smell when he was around girls so he would scrub his ears so hard when bathing that they would turn very red!) Anyway, they all finally had the courage to make their true feelings known and everybody got with the one they wanted in the first place!! Glad to know that you're happy and doing well. Take care.



Rumor like an unwelcome guest leaves its bed unmade and with feline hunger never gets its fill. Discarding glittering apparel for another to clean of the stigma of ruined lives, lost friendships, and frozen confidences. As a firefly pierces the dark so rumor’s loud voice shatters the resting ear. And a new day’s ambition is slowed to the pace of rumor’s slumbering breath.

Green eyes spark from the soul
Flaming tongues of venom lapping white coals of envy
Murmuring breaths of roaring red, pulse of malice
Die at dusk doused with moral right
Embers of ashen faces, blemished hands, scorched feet
Simmering beneath to sneer and point – swift to devise
Wicked imaginations fanned with a convenient breeze

Once Upon A Childhood

Once upon a childhood, Greenville favored. Smaller towns routed through and viewed, shortcuts from bases regional to homes and hearths of extended family, the journey in sweet anticipation serenaded by daddy's tenor, mama's alto, and coming of age sibling harmony. Dawn commencement fragranced by the fresh linen smell of pillows cleanly cased, with perfumed toiletry and makeup cases lastly placed. Onward pilgrims pioneering joy, the happiest couple before us, still solid ground behind, below.Really scary bathrooms in real service stations a dread but NEHI drinks from an outdoor icebox and confections a comforting prospect at the country store, a timely soothe accompanied by the creaking cadence of foosteps across the old-time wooden floors; jarred by "djah fine sumpin ya lack dahlin'" and an even more awakening, loving hard pat on the face from that midland Carolina accented protector


Kukla Joffrey
Twila Cruse
Rafe "Chaz" Rafferty
Munchie Warbutton
Slade Bledsoe
Robert "Bob-alone" Cassidy

Chaz frequents gay bars and clubs because he is worshipped by a number of the regulars and all of the first timers who allow him to walk on water, playing it straight reminding most of them that they're really in the wrong kind of bar after all if this is the kind of guy they're looking for.
Twila, red Nicole Kidman hair and showgirl pizzazz not only wants Chaz but eclipses anybody else's chances with the help of Kukla. Chaz is sentenced to pussy Sing Sing, a hole name Joy (Joey) joined at the hip by day and leg locked at night. Chaz plays it cool with Twila so as not to alienate the boys which pisses her off and prompts her plot device with Kukla's help to free Chaz from Joy. Chaz is jealous of their relationship but can't resist Kukla's attention so he strings them both along. Kukla is filled with disgusted attraction toward Chaz and as always feeds Twila's obsession with destructive and forbidden behavior.

Munchie, a paraplegic from Australia is allowed a voyeuristic ringside seat to the above. He was paralyzed in a mechanical bull riding accident. He wasn't thrown. but, in a moment of elevated crowd expectation, he tried to vault over the moving bull and landed behind the jukebox on his neck. All he can remember is "I'm a happy girl" skipping over and over while he tried to scream "UNPLUG THE FUCKIN' JUKEBOX." He was given the nickname Munchie after the accident and his first post-paralysis sexual encounter.

"Bob alone", a drag queen in training goes by the stage name Slade Bledsoe. Her mentor, credentialed by a loyal if short lived, straight stint at PTL is Jeanne D'Orly, last seen instructing Slade how to cartwheel in high heels. His chubby boy breasts reverberating in cadence to the slap, click of his startling success. Jeanne speaks her approval in mock pentecostal tongues and ends with GLORY HALLELUJAH!! SHUBMADAYEDHYLHL THNKDH NAY!! Not offended by this as sacriligious since the Baptists think of this as an emotion instead of a gift. One can laugh and wonder at Jeanne's obvious devotion to that lost cause and her subsequent descent into this demi-monde.

Chaz names one of Kukla's domino fish Bob which Kukla, drunk and offended curses until I rename it Wanda, drawing a coughing fit of laughter from Kukla. He falls onto the purple sofa behind Twila who is leaning up to douse her fag into a garage sale ashtray. She reclines onto his torso while he rests his head on Chaz's side. Chaz places his arm around Twila and for the moment all is silent except for the crinkling sound of Kukla's plastic clothes as he and Twila breathe against each other. Munchie breaks in by asking me how old I am which prompts a quick guess by each to discover who is oldest to youngest - 2 Aries, 2 Tauruses, and one Aquarius. Kukla is oldest by 15 days. We discuss having reached our sexual peaks at the same time -agreed that there is no such thing. Twila and Chaz try out Kukla's short, high 200 year old bed , for a simulated poke and crash off the end of it in a weakened heap. Munchie runs over my foot enroute to investigating while Kukla stares with an indifferent gaze at the security mirror he stole from a textile mill. His bleached Billy Idol doo and ruddy face framed his eyes and set them in a supernatural blue blaze. I broke his trance with my involuntary, inebriated movement toward the drama unfolding in the bedroom. We formed a two man conga line and pushed Munchie out of the doorway, where we all observed the motionless couple glowing beneath the lavender neon that framed the bottom of the bed on all sides. Someone made the statement "Boy,girl, boy, girl" one of those incongruous moments that seem so normal and sensible when you mix coke, pot, liquor, and poppers. A concerted earnest hilarity ensued as we engineered the possible combinations available - 1 girl, 1 guy, 1 bi, and 1 on wheels. We concluded there was really only two that were acceptable using Munchie as the wild card. Stevie Nicks gathered us again into the fishy, art deco sitting room, part of a big house in the city's historic district. I stared out of the curtainless window at the columned manse across the oak lined street. Christmas decorations were in place even though it was early November and I wondered if anybody was doing somebody up in there.

Last Rose of Summer

Fare thee well durable rose, you leave us without fanfare. Your eminence recognized, appreciated, and favored, yet your season taken for granted until we touch your darkened petals. Chancellor, queen mother, beauty emeritus, dowager, silver threads web over precious golden thorn, your glorifying protective stem. They call you summer's last weary beauty yet your countenance is the face of experience against the newborn baby blue autumn sky. Your sisters whisper with bowed heads, serenity a perennial truth.Kip Powell

I Saw

I saw, standing irreverently built on hallowed ground, ground which unceremoniously gathered the blood of all, gray and blue, white and brown, ground on which blood spilled has washed away that of a child rescued by this mother’s balms for scraped knees and stubbed toes. I saw standing, reverance of a sort in this concrete and synthetic existence, one holy with it’s materialistic fulfillment provided, oh for woe.

Blithe Spirit

Blithe spirit, buoyant apparition, ghostly talents lifting them above and beyond solemn deaths of mirthlessness, appalling to my shaded soul, thespians of cosmic melodrama, exiting stage left conceding the curtain call and approbation to the embodiment of semblance and fa├žade.

Attendant blight, attendant blessing paradox of carnal knowledge and spiritual heritage. Worldly eyes would seclude the virgin in shame while their only hope, the revelation and redemption cried love and compassion. His sweet voice breathed everlasting life and spoke infinite peace before any heard. His hands…….